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Our products

Complete automation systems, sensors and alarm systems, sub sea cameras and monitoring.



From qutoation to delivery and during the systems lifetime, you as our customer shall be confident that Alvestad Automation Ltd maintain both the automation systems and our relationship.


An automation system in aquaculture use has a normal lifetime of 10 years, and during this period our customers shall be safe and confident that the system works.


Alvestad Automation Ltd deliver high quality automation systems, and service agreements, to make sure our customers get automation systems which stay active and in uptodate condition throughout the normal lifetime.



Four levels, where we assist you with regular control and check of the system.

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Remote monitoring 24/7



All kind of sensors, cameras, control and automation system. Get full control of all parametres!

  • Sensors
    • Oxygen, ph, salinity, temperature, pressure, flow, CO2, etc...
  • Camera above and below water
  • Fiber line for reduced noise from high voltage cables
  • WIFI
  • UPS
  • SMS alarm transmitting
  • Customer adjusted software



Tell us your need for consumer materials, and we will give you our best offer.

  • Cables - ROFLEX
  • Glows
  • Cameras
  • Sensors



Engineer, manager, product developer, software programmer, teacher and course provider Audun Alvestad may assist your project. With high IT-competence and heavy and solid experience within control-, alarm-, and monitoring systems to ships and industrial automation Mr Audun Alvestad have contributed to build and develope VARD Academy in Brasil, Singapore and Norway. He has also given lections for automation students at NTNU Aalesund, Norway, and guided them in their project work. He also built and devloped EL-Automation Ltd during the 2000-years.


With high IT-competence and experience Mr Audun may contribute to ensure more companies get electro- and automation solutions they may thrive with.



Engineer, business developer, product developer, ship designer and project manager Robert Ronstad may assist your project. With varied experience Robert have contributed in developing composite poles for coastal and mountain use, barge delevopment, mechanical strengt calculations, 3D design and 3D printing, hydroelectric powerplant projects, FEM analysis and licence application to govermental funding and projects.


Add in LEAN-certified start-up advisor and entrepreneurship, and you have the multi-talent Mr Robert. Robert assist you to reach your goals.

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